Thursday, December 17, 2009

Staying at home the whole day today,
except for meeting up one of the customer to change the items.
Send wrong shoes out to her,and this customer,
happen to have the same name as me. LOL
It time to get myself a helper man.
I am so tired.

Love reading my posts whenever i had nothing to do.
Making all the memories flashing in my mind.
Also to realise that certain people/friends come and go fast.
While some will stay till long~(just not sure how long)

Going to meet zx out soon,
even though it seem quite hard to fight against her working time.
and yes,not forgetting kw and jas too.I want to live long.LOL

Most important one,my dearest seemun,
i never forgot that i still owe you this big big meal/feast. :D

Then my ET,left only one now in SG.LOL
Wanna our usual place?!?! hahaha.

And many other more peeps and friends if everyone have time =)

Ok,back to my work now.
My poor eyes.