Thursday, July 30, 2009

I want a blazer!!!
Blogger should really do sth man!!!The formating is always wrong!
and i don't like to blog in school -_-

People,my cake blog is updated :D

Screw that supplier!!! he totally ignore my msn now!!!
$63!!! $63!!! I want to kill people now!!!

National day coming = Mummy B'dae
No money for present! Maybe just a cake then ~

I haven done anything on PP!!!
With internet = NO PP done!!!
I should do on paper 1st then!

and our stupid mel finally know why am i able to stalk her in FB! LOL
meet up soon ya ppl :D


Lunch!After eating this,i gt ulcer =/

After that dinner with daddy to this place at amk.

From the U magazine Food.
Food was normal,should have eat roti prata at kovan instead.