Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogger at home is super suck!!! Format all wrong!!
Blogging in school then.

Ok,i am 101% in guilt toward my yr1 sem2 girls!!
Been not attending most of the gathering.gosh!
I promise i will be there for the next one if everything is in order for me :D
Forgive me girls =)

Mircale happening in sept?! ET girls promise that!
However,the mood seem to change for me!werid feeling~
Will see on that day then.

Doing some "high" talking in class with huimin and ah boon ytd!
These people ar,can really be friend with zx man! LOL.
Holidays coming = PP deadline is coming too~opps!!

Thing been going so well lately
School,Friends,Family,Cakes...erm except for my shop!! =(

I want go oversea with daddy this year!!!!I WANT MONEY!!!!