Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tue ( 26th May)

Class celebration!!! my lovely classmates(specially those for planned all the b'dae)..planning for the b'dae which make me want to laugh hell in class...their conversation is damm cute and funny!!! BIG LOVE to them lots!!! :D

Wed (27th May)

In the morning out with jie to my shopping day treats!!!brought myself clothes and bags!!! is good to go shoppingsssssss always!!....esp with jie jie :D

Lucky 19!!!!

Journey to my 1st clubbing :D (Zouk and Phuture)

Fri (29th May)

Celebration with my cliques at bugis!!!Steamboat!!! was fun,at least is more fun compare to my previous year hell lots!!!even though not really chat much but still we have laughter right :D It will be better if the guys can stop saying those $%#*&$)$* things about me!!! But still,u know i loves you people lots!!! :D

Then to lasalle for the "surprise cake" :D