Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebration of Fel belated Birthday after school at cathay Astons!Meals there was so-so,but the price is definetly cheap.Long quene started just after we went in,lucky :D

There never a time u can take a proper photos of her! LOL


After meals,a small surprise for her,brought a small brownie as there no cake shop at cathay!Fun things happen as she was asked to approach any guys and told them today is her birthday (which is not) and to take a photo with her..hahahahaha...she was walking around the place like 10 mins with me and singsing behind her waiting to help her take photos!!! lucky my 18th birthday is already pass!!because i told her,18th is special,so have to do some unforgettable thingy!After the photos thingy,we went to ps and walk around,while me as the entertainer was trying to have the "speak good english" game with aaron in the beinging,then to the rest.Laughing like mad man!!!

The last pic was the "stranger guy"

Starbucks to do RJ (for the girls) and singsing was damm suay,because she done hers halfway and aaron lappy shut down till to low batt.