Tuesday, January 6, 2009

school started..can't really make myself to wake up early..going to end up like dajie slping habit..slp late,wake up late =( I DUN WAN!!!!!
okok...finally see my class...vaneh went korea and brought us some makan =)=)

fel baby look ya~~~lol

korea makan~~~

Meeting after school till 6 plus...have some description of our "kids" to do the story planning!!! damm damm...1 week 2 days meeting -_-!!!! till end of sch...

after that rush off to meet joel and seemun..was late..bcus....expressway had car accident..4 car crashes~~~

have dessert at gelare and dinner at KFC~~well come to think of this two people..ok..they are just my best ok..LOL..they are always trying to scare me..the way they communicate,is always in a quarrel way,if you nv know them well..you will cry and be damm embarrass when u are with them(bcus you just will not know how to react)!!! still rmb 3 of us was at my hs few year back..end up having water fight and then the astomphere is so.....scary to me la~~ BUT they will always end up being such an ass and make me feel like killing them always!!!! FREAK me out!!!the next moment u will see them laughing,playing and crapping with one another -_-!

~during secondary,i'll always have this thinking they will end up being couple..but now..this thinking will never come to me anymore!!they are just too good friend to be that =)