Thursday, January 29, 2009


yes yes!!! my favourite festival out of so many celebration throughout the year!!! bt...this year was soooooo boring to the max!!! no mood of CNY coming at all!!!

mummy was working on the 1st day of cny and we started our bai nian one day later..chu er...

Movie yesterday with jm and lx at tampines...wanted to watch 大喜事 in the 1st place one...but...damm...ticket is sold by the time is out turn to get the inorder not ti waste our time,we nv quene and went to century there to watch 幸福万岁!!! is really damm funny la...and nice..

when watching that,py will keep appearing on my mind!!! hahahaha...well qt will knw the answer...and and py!!!! if u going to watch that...pls dun learn the slangs!!!!! i will not be able to take it compare to your liang xiao hua one!!! =)