Thursday, April 3, 2014

China Chengdu Trip 2014 中国四川成都峡谷边疆之旅 (Day 1 - Day 3)

My 2014 China Trip

Travel Period 9th March 2014 - 21st March 2014
Temperature varies from : 15 degree to -11 degree.
Season : Winter
成都 - 九寨沟 -

Off we go to Chengdu Airport via Silkair flight.
It a total of 19pax, personal tour group. Consist of my relatives, our neighbour and the rest are daddy friends. It a tour that we plan ourselves as one of the dad's friend had a relative who open a tour firm in China. #likeavip trip.

Yummy in-flight meal!
It like one of the best meal base on what I gonna eat for the next 2 week!

Reach Chengdu airport

Had dinner once we touch down as it already quite late.

First night hotel room at Chengdu : Ramada Hote 金府华美达大酒店

Day 2.
Lunch first before home visiting of those 藏族(Tibetan)家。(They are various type of Tibetan that we went to visit during the whole trip,but i really cannot remember which is which. So,they are all Tibetan to me)

The first Tibetan Home visiting (羌族,Qiang)

Head up to their breathtaking rooftop for photo spam :D

Rest time at the modern side of the 羌族 which the houses are build up neatly.

and this statues,i can't remember what is it,is one of the ancient history hero that prevent flood (I think so)

Day 3,which is the starting of our super cold itinerary for the whole trip.

Photo taking with the Sakura (樱花) outside our hotel. Saw lots of flower throughout our whole trip too!
That Singaporean, hardly see so many beautiful flower everywhere!

Stop over for toilet break and photo taking with the 牦牛(Yak) at the opposite side. China people really know how to make money in everywhere and ways! LOL

Lunch Time! The Scenery are all worth photo taking,everywhere!

Reach our destination :)

Another destination before heading to our next hotel.
Encounter a mini sandstorm over here too!

Hotel 新九寨宾馆 (New Jiuzhai Hotel)