Monday, March 26, 2012

Is our pretty,jasmine 22nd Birthday Celebration part II :)
Was invited by her "suddenly" to celebrate on the yatch on sunday!

It was raining when we reach there,lucky it stop after an hour!
The trip was for 5hrs.
So most of the photos,my maxi dress will come in 2 tone colour due to the over-long dress that was kinda soak in the rain!

With jasmine mummy!

No more photos from me because,my cam batt only last me for 30min before it decide to die!!!
Didn't had time to charge it before heading out :(
But i think zx must be very glad that my batt die because at one point,i think she just feel like killing me cause i keep asking her to take photo!!! LOL

Night time was the most shiok time where we all seated outside the front of the yatch where it went to sentosa for a pause to let us see the super short fireworks (which is actually part of Song of the Sea show when at the ending there'll be a fireworks) and then one big round of Singapore,super windy!!!

Thanks for the great day pretty!!! Really enjoy it like always :)