Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wah,finally had sometime to come update my blog.
Ever since i start using FB and Twitter,i'm so lazy to upload any photo to my blog.

Finally,i had my own office to work!
Now,have to work super hard then last time because there's rental to pay =(
But still,is great to have a office,can do anything i want. LOL
Will give myself a few years to bring HU to another level!
Anyway,this month,HauteUrban will be sponsoring a uni for their hall D&D and another online shop.

Argh,not forgetting,i'm so piss off with singpost!
They add a new rule saying if we was to retrieve mail,had to make payment of $21!
Quarrel with them over the phone for so long until they decide to let me retrieve it!!!
Been looking for one courier service to work with us,but courier service are so ex!
Those that is cheap one,service suck! =((((