Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I brought myself a itouch,a present for myself.
Just realise that i can't use GPS when i am in the car -_-!
No internet access =(
Wanted to ask whether is there any plan for itouch to access internet everywhere.
But ke say the person will laugh till die if i was to ask them this question.

Friday and both weekends is something i use to have,full.
Now,no friday and weekend for me.
The most busy days of the week.
No more shopping or whatever on this 3 days.
Just order,replying mail and packing.
But it is happy busy! Not those kind of busy that i hate and dislike.
LOL. Hard to explain :D

Hope that you girls can understand that i really want to go shopping!
(All the yr 1 & yr 2 sweeties like to go out on friday everytime)
But friday is a NO NO.
I have to rush home and don't have mood to shopping but thinking all on the emails.
Lucky,i have all you lovely/darlings girls to understand ya :D

Will be having a break after this current spree till March.
To study the 5 last UT and then is CNY!!!